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November 10, 2015

How to clean your headwear

Below is our recommended step by step guide to keeping your snapback fresh and clean.

Our new line, The Vengeance Collection snapback line predominantly features a smooth vegan leather body and satin inner layer, so you will have to be gentle when cleaning. We recommend a new tooth brush for the exterior and a soft cloth for the interior.


What will you need?

1. Laundry detergent (Non toxic)

2. New toothbrush

3. Towel

4. Soft cloth

5. Warm water

6. Gallis London Cherry scented tag 



1. Start by using a damp cloth over the area of the snapback you wish to clean using warm water and getting your hat moderately wet but not soaked.

2. Pour some laundry detergent, preferably non toxic into a small container with warm water.

3. Get your toothbrush and dip it into the warm water and start by gently brushing the effected area, making sure that you get all the dirt and stains out of your hat.

4. Once you have finished gently brushing it, now get your damp clean cloth and gently scrub your snapback until you are happy with how clean it is.

5. Now that your snapback is clean give it a rinse under some warm water ensuring that all the detergent has been washed away.

6. If you are worried about loosing the shape, roll up a clean towel into a long thick shape and fit it inside and around the headband. Whilst drying this will help the cap to not collapse inwards and will help maintain the shape and fit of your cap.

7. Now leave your cap in a warm dry place. Do not blow dry as the heat may change the colour of the fabrics.

11. Once dry pop the cherry scented tag back inside the cap and place inside the matt black presentation box for a few hours.

Now your cap is as good as new. 



November 05, 2015

Gallis London x Probus New York

Now stocked in one of New Yorks finest luxury menswear boutiques Probus NYC.

Probus NYC is a high-end boutique where Fashion, Music, and Art are bought together to create a unique lifestyle and concept store. Probus NYC emerged as a true fashion pioneer in late 95' and has proved its strength by still supplying New York's cool crowd. Probus specializes in premium Men's clothing and accessories.

View our luxury snapback collection online or in their New York store showcasing along side Cazal, Comme Des Garçons, Gucci, Marc Jacobs and now Gallis London


Gallis - Probus NYC

November 04, 2015

With us or against us

The Vengeance Collection is our most powerful collection to date. Accompanied with our slogan "With Us Or Against Us". This is our attempt to let the world know that we are here to stay. Whilst we strongly believe in teamwork and unity this is us saying join, us and grow with us but don't take our kindness for weakness. 

Our relentless passion for perfection has meant the road to creating some of the best pieces of headwear hasn't been easy. We will delve further into our journey in the coming weeks, as we describe our trials and tribulations. We agree that our slogan provokes confrontation and evokes emotion but this is exactly what we wanted and it is a statement that comes with a justified reason. We could have given up and changed course, but we stayed true to our brand, integrity and most all persevered and pushed through every wall that was set before us.

We are more than just luxury snapbacks, we are a lifestyle, a way of thinking and a way of being. We simply wanted to create something to be proud and by wearing a Gallis snapback it would be a way expressing who you are and how you feel. We are committed to making you feel connected, we want you to feel like you are a part of our team each time you represent us wearing our luxury snapback with pride. Whatever the feeling we want to make you feel empowered, we want to make you feel invincible.

We are Gallis London and this is your moment - Are you with us or against us?


October 30, 2015

Gallis x Cristiano Ronaldo

We were so proud of this one that we had to bring it back. 2015 FIFA Ballon d'Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo aka CR7 in our now classic Noir python skin strapback.

Whilst out celebrating his 30th Birthday with his Real Madrid team mates and team mate Alvaro Arbeloa. Ronaldo pairs his black Givenchy stars sweater with a Gallis London snake skin cap to complete the look.

We will be patiently waiting for the 2016 FIFA Ballon d'Or awards and if Ronaldo's current goal scoring spree in the Spanish league is anything to go by we are sure he will be crowned king once more.

Long Live CR7 


October 24, 2015

Gallis x New Kings Order

The New Kings Order boys in our new Vengeance Collection leather snapbacks

Good luck to the boys tonight on The X Factor. Now through the to Judges houses and the final round before the live shows. Josh, Aaron, Calum, Cardan and Yohem make up the new U.K group the New Kings Order. 


October 19, 2015

Fall is here

It feels as though summer was just yesterday, but now it’s clear to see that Fall is well and truly upon us as Mother nature treats us with a vast array of vibrant and warm tones. As temperatures slowly descend, the question is can you wear snapbacks in the winter? The simple answer is absolutely!

At this time of the year you will start to add more and more layers of clothing, and you know how we love our layers. This is in fact our favourite season an d with layers upon layers what better accessory to complete the luxury street wear look then with a leather cap. Snapbacks or caps in general are very much an all season piece that can be worn in the summer to shelter you from the heat or used for the opposite to keep your head warm in the Winter. Our caps give you the best of both worlds with features like custom metal eyelids for extra ventilation in the summer and an extra satin lining to add to the already very sturdy vegan leather for an additional layer in the winter.

Our Collection is well equipped to take care of you in all seasons whatever the weather.

October 18, 2015

Gallis London x David Ortiz

Designated hitter and first baseman for Major League baseball giants the Boston Red Sox, David Ortiz aka "Big Papi" in the new limited edition 3M black leather snapback. Full collection soon to be available at Probus NYC


October 16, 2015

The future of snapbacks

Based on historical trends of the snapback we feel the overall shape and concept wont change much over the next couple of decades. It will however, as most things do naturally evolve into something more relevant to its time. Forward thinking brands like us at Gallis London as well as several other brands have already begun the progression on what we believe the next evolution of snapbacks will be. Whilst in past decades snapbacks were historically associated with sports teams, they are now an seen as an independent staple fashion accessory and rightfully so as they have the ability to change an attire outfit.

We take great pride and pay close attention to every detail from the type of leather we use to the comfort and overall design. Our aim is to create not just a leather snapback but something you want to take care of, something that makes us feel united. Currently many brands from all walks of life that range from streetwear to high fashion brands are all adapting and bringing snapbacks into their collections and this is a clear sign that snapbacks and headwear of this variety is currently in a state of evolution.

We are the masters of our own creative evolution.


Gallis - leather snapback - Gallis Cap

October 13, 2015

Snapbacks, Strapbacks or Fitted?

These days when buying a baseball cap, you have 3 main options. These variations are usually between snapbacks, fitted caps, and strapbacks. A snapback is the most versatile and can be worn on multiple people because of its the quick, easy size adjustments. A fitted cap, as the name suggests is fitted to your exact head size and usually requires measuring your head or trying on different caps to find a size best suited to you. A strapback however, is another form of the snapback which incorporates an almost belt like adjuster.

Whilst caps can also come in many other shapes and sizes such as baseball caps, berets, yacht caps, newsboy caps and trucker caps. We at Gallis London recommend the snapback closure because of its comfort, quick size options and versatility. Whilst we have also made exceptional strapbacks in recent months, we found that the fit and comfort of a snapback exceeds that of any other cap. It is slim line so no over hanging strap to the rear, its ususally the most sturdy and tends to keep its shape longer and there is also a much wider range to choose from.

To view our latest collection of luxury leather headwear please visit our collection page


Gallis Snapback - Black Leather snapback

October 09, 2015

Genesis Snapback

The Genesis snapback is part of our limited edition range of black leather snapbacks launched as, The Vengeance Collection.

Named Genesis or in more historical terms translating to the beginning, this particular snapback is seen by our supporters as the beginning of a new wave in luxury headwear. To mark the end of our first collection, we returned with a Vengeance and Genesis leads the way. This piece takes it's inspiration from our first collection which included red, white and black embossed snakeskin strapback caps.

With a half black python skin to the front and half grained vegan leather body to the rear quarter, this is truly black on black at its finest with a venomous touch of red to let you know we mean business. The softness of the leather complimented by the rough scales in the embossed python quarter make the Genesis one of our most selected and eye catching pieces to date. Suited to lovers of the all black on black trend, the bottom of the peak also features a vibrant grained red vegan leather with matching red satin inner lining interior to add an element of surprise. This piece is both bold yet discreet allowing for individual interpretation. 

The Genesis uses elements of four previously seen snapbacks by Gallis London, and this was in fact the first to be added to the new collection. Although it features elements of all four, this snapback stands on its own when it comes to quality and design. Our snakeskin snapbacks have always been popular but Genesis currently sits as one of our favorites.

What a Caterpillar calls the end, a butterfly calls the beginning - Genesis

Snakeskin Cap - Snakeskin Snapback - Gallis Cap

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