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Androgynous Gallis

Gallis London's androgynous leather snapback cap collection caters for both the sexes, with bold yet minimal designs allowing for self-interpretation and individual expression. We aim to encapsulate and fulfil the needs and desires of both men and women with a piece that's tough enough to withstand any weather yet still keep it soft and gentle for the ladies. Any one of our luxury snapback caps are the perfect accessory to add the finishing touch or to be used as the main piece in your outfit.

For the Ladies we recommend the Genesis or the Entrapment snapback. These black leather snapback based caps are ideal as they both have a splash of red under the peak which can be paired nicely with a bright red lipstick to complete the look. Both these caps are tough yet seductive so they are both perfectly suited for him and for her. Not only is our latest snapback collection easy on the eye but they have been designed with practically in mind to make them a staple piece for every day use. We even added quilting around the headband to stop you from getting those frustrating red marks across your forehead, so who says beauty cant be comfortable.

Whatever your taste or desire, we at Gallis London pride ourselves on perfection. Each piece is enriched with refined qualities and features, from the use of premium fabrics to finely handcrafted details. Every piece is the subject of many months of scrutiny and redesign to make sure that we created not only an incredible and exclusive snapback collection but an item you can’t live without.

And-ro-gy-nous = For Him & For Her

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