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How to clean your headwear

Below is our recommended step by step guide to keeping your snapback fresh and clean.

Our new line, The Vengeance Collection snapback line predominantly features a smooth vegan leather body and satin inner layer, so you will have to be gentle when cleaning. We recommend a new tooth brush for the exterior and a soft cloth for the interior.


What will you need?

1. Laundry detergent (Non toxic)

2. New toothbrush

3. Towel

4. Soft cloth

5. Warm water

6. Gallis London Cherry scented tag 



1. Start by using a damp cloth over the area of the snapback you wish to clean using warm water and getting your hat moderately wet but not soaked.

2. Pour some laundry detergent, preferably non toxic into a small container with warm water.

3. Get your toothbrush and dip it into the warm water and start by gently brushing the effected area, making sure that you get all the dirt and stains out of your hat.

4. Once you have finished gently brushing it, now get your damp clean cloth and gently scrub your snapback until you are happy with how clean it is.

5. Now that your snapback is clean give it a rinse under some warm water ensuring that all the detergent has been washed away.

6. If you are worried about loosing the shape, roll up a clean towel into a long thick shape and fit it inside and around the headband. Whilst drying this will help the cap to not collapse inwards and will help maintain the shape and fit of your cap.

7. Now leave your cap in a warm dry place. Do not blow dry as the heat may change the colour of the fabrics.

11. Once dry pop the cherry scented tag back inside the cap and place inside the matt black presentation box for a few hours.

Now your cap is as good as new. 



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