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With us or against us

The Vengeance Collection is our most powerful collection to date. Accompanied with our slogan "With Us Or Against Us". This is our attempt to let the world know that we are here to stay. Whilst we strongly believe in teamwork and unity this is us saying join, us and grow with us but don't take our kindness for weakness. 

Our relentless passion for perfection has meant the road to creating some of the best pieces of headwear hasn't been easy. We will delve further into our journey in the coming weeks, as we describe our trials and tribulations. We agree that our slogan provokes confrontation and evokes emotion but this is exactly what we wanted and it is a statement that comes with a justified reason. We could have given up and changed course, but we stayed true to our brand, integrity and most all persevered and pushed through every wall that was set before us.

We are more than just luxury snapbacks, we are a lifestyle, a way of thinking and a way of being. We simply wanted to create something to be proud and by wearing a Gallis snapback it would be a way expressing who you are and how you feel. We are committed to making you feel connected, we want you to feel like you are a part of our team each time you represent us wearing our luxury snapback with pride. Whatever the feeling we want to make you feel empowered, we want to make you feel invincible.

We are Gallis London and this is your moment - Are you with us or against us?


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