Gallis - Luxury Headwear - Leather Snapback - Fall Winter | Gallis London

Fall is here

It feels as though summer was just yesterday, but now it’s clear to see that Fall is well and truly upon us as Mother nature treats us with a vast array of vibrant and warm tones. As temperatures slowly descend, the question is can you wear snapbacks in the winter? The simple answer is absolutely!

At this time of the year you will start to add more and more layers of clothing, and you know how we love our layers. This is in fact our favourite season an d with layers upon layers what better accessory to complete the luxury street wear look then with a leather cap. Snapbacks or caps in general are very much an all season piece that can be worn in the summer to shelter you from the heat or used for the opposite to keep your head warm in the Winter. Our caps give you the best of both worlds with features like custom metal eyelids for extra ventilation in the summer and an extra satin lining to add to the already very sturdy vegan leather for an additional layer in the winter.

Our Collection is well equipped to take care of you in all seasons whatever the weather.

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