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The future of snapbacks

Based on historical trends of the snapback we feel the overall shape and concept wont change much over the next couple of decades. It will however, as most things do naturally evolve into something more relevant to its time. Forward thinking brands like us at Gallis London as well as several other brands have already begun the progression on what we believe the next evolution of snapbacks will be. Whilst in past decades snapbacks were historically associated with sports teams, they are now an seen as an independent staple fashion accessory and rightfully so as they have the ability to change an attire outfit.

We take great pride and pay close attention to every detail from the type of leather we use to the comfort and overall design. Our aim is to create not just a leather snapback but something you want to take care of, something that makes us feel united. Currently many brands from all walks of life that range from streetwear to high fashion brands are all adapting and bringing snapbacks into their collections and this is a clear sign that snapbacks and headwear of this variety is currently in a state of evolution.

We are the masters of our own creative evolution.


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