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Snapbacks, Strapbacks or Fitted?

These days when buying a baseball cap, you have 3 main options. These variations are usually between snapbacks, fitted caps, and strapbacks. A snapback is the most versatile and can be worn on multiple people because of its the quick, easy size adjustments. A fitted cap, as the name suggests is fitted to your exact head size and usually requires measuring your head or trying on different caps to find a size best suited to you. A strapback however, is another form of the snapback which incorporates an almost belt like adjuster.

Whilst caps can also come in many other shapes and sizes such as baseball caps, berets, yacht caps, newsboy caps and trucker caps. We at Gallis London recommend the snapback closure because of its comfort, quick size options and versatility. Whilst we have also made exceptional strapbacks in recent months, we found that the fit and comfort of a snapback exceeds that of any other cap. It is slim line so no over hanging strap to the rear, its ususally the most sturdy and tends to keep its shape longer and there is also a much wider range to choose from.

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Gallis Snapback - Black Leather snapback

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