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Turning our brand into a business

As the words of Tom Ford would suggest, in order to continue producing products to an outstanding level you need the support of the people. In an ideal world we would love to give our caps away to all that want it but that simply would not help us pursue our dream and evolve as a brand.

We recognize that the business of fashion is no different to that of the music and movie business. Simply put we need your support as without you we can not continue to push through the constraints of modern society and the barriers that have been so comfortably set before us. Yes this is a business, but this is also our passion so join us while we continue to explore not just fashion but the business of fashion.

Our goal is not only to create really dope snapback caps, but to evolve into a significant brand of substance and one that will be around for the foreseeable future but we cant do it without you.

Join us. 

Join Us